Replacing a door knob

replacing a doorknob

One of the things that many people find one of the less fun parts of home owning, or in some cases leasing or renting, is the maintenance. Keeping up with the minor things that go wrong, fixing them, and repairing things until they work takes attention and diligence. And some people find joy and pride in doing the tasks that maintain their home or even improve it. Some things need to be checked or tested periodically, such as once a year, while others are seasonal or tied to other events. For instance, some items should be checked every spring or whenever the local water level rises above a certain point.


mold on a wood picture frame

Maintenance is cleaning what becomes dirty; repairing what breaks; doing the things that keep damage from occurring. For instance, keeping wood dry protects it from warping or from having mold grow on it. Proper maintenance keeps the basic home infrastructure in good shape so it is safe and can be made pleasant.

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The cost of home maintenance will vary widely. Some of the factors that affect how much you should budget include the age and condition of the home, your ability or desire to do the work yourself. If you are renting, the majority of the maintenance and related expenses are usually the responsibility of the owner. However, some rental agreements, lower the rent paid in return for some care done by the renters. And maintenance of the contents is still usually the responsibility of the contents' owner, that is usually the renter.


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Hole in the Floor

the hole in the floor that's being repaired

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