Magazines are usually periodicals on a specific topic. Traditionally, magazines were published on paper, sometimes glossy paper or with a stiffer, glossier external page. Many magazines come out monthly, but some are weekly, alternate months, quarterly or annual. Some are electronic publications. Topics vary from fairly general readership, such as Reader's Digest, Women's Day or Sports Illustrated to specialized subjects, Chief Learning Officer, Demolition and Dismantling or AU Arquitetura e Urbanismo (AU Architecture and Urbanism).


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Magazines are similar to newspaper, in that they are regular paper releases without the covers that tend to distinguish books. But newspapers are usually focused on current events for a specific location and cover a range of topics. Some newspapers have magazine inserts. Magazines and journals are similar, but journals are associated with professional development and usually intended for disseminating developments and new research findings relevant to a professional group.

Magazines can be purchased as an on-going set or subscription or as individual issues. Some magazines have on-line versions or supplements, while others have moved to a wholly on-line version funded by ads or by a combination of ads and password-permitted subscribers.

There are many ways to store magazines. They can be placed into magazine holders which can be already made up (usually in metal form and occasionally in wooden) or make them up yourselves. They can be placed into magazine racks which can come in horizontal and vertical shapes. They can be aligned together within a bookcase.


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