The lawn is usually the mowed grass area around a building.

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manual lawnmower and grass

A lawn can be a beautiful part of a landscape or a fun place to play.

For many people a specific image of a lawn as part of how a house should look has become so ingrained that they plant "traditional" lawns in places where they are not native and potentially harmful. For instance many people who moved to the southwestern part of the United States to get relief from allergies took with them and transplanted the very plants they were allergic to. In addition, these plants do not thrive easily in the desert climate, so they need constant watering and special care. There is a movement to go back to more regionally appropriate landscaping (see ground cover).

Historically lawns were a sign of wealth. Before lawnmowers a lawn had to be cut manually, usually by scythe or livestock, usually sheep. Hiring the cutters or buying the livestock took money, as well as being able to afford to have the land as an ornament instead of in productive use.

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The "classic", stately, large house with green grass lawn.



History of Lawns

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