Laundry room

a laundry room

Some homes have a laundry room. Often this "room" is not much larger than a walk-in closet or hall. Even in a very large home, the laundry room tends to be rather small. It generally has room for a clothes washer and dryer, shelves or cabinets for laundry supplies. It may have a counter or table for folding laundry. Some laundry rooms have a rod for hanging clothes on or laundry line or drying rack for placing items to dry. When a room was designed to be a laundry room, it will probably have venting to the outside for the dryer and heavy duty electrical sockets to hook up the appliances. It will also have plumbing hook-ups for the washer and may have an available connection to the gas. Some laundry rooms have a laundry sink for items that need hand washing or for pretreating stains. Sometimes the laundry sink is also used for water coming out of the washer instead of an extra outgoing plumbing hook-up. In many homes the laundry room is placed near other rooms, such as the kitchen where the focus is housework, so that someone doing other housework can easily step into the laundry room to move the laundry onto its next phase, such as moving it from the washer to the dryer after the washing step is completed.

A frequent alternative to a separate laundry room is the placement of the laundry space in the basement, garage or perimeter of the kitchen.

Ashburn House

shelves and laundry machines


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