A lamp is a freestanding light fixture.

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Lamps can use electricity and bulbs or fire (burning a candle, kerosene, gas or oil) to create light. They usually have a base that holds the light source and have some sort of protection around the bulb or fire.

Shades of Light-oriental-lamps

lamps - oriental jar styles

Most lamps also produce some heat. More energy efficient lights tend to produce less heat. In addition to light and heat, lamps help create an atmosphere. Some are bright, some dim, and some have adjustable light levels. Lamps can be colorfully vibrant or modestly recessed. Lamps are one easy way to change the style of a room's decor.

Lamps can be small, less than 6 inches in all dimensions or much larger, such as standing floor lamps.

Lamp in a Green Room

floor lamp


Cherub Floor Lamp

floor lamp with cherub and pink shades


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