The 2nd Bedroom

a ladder in the house for renovations

A ladder is useful for reaching higher up things -- to do maintenance or to reach higher up storage.

Some chores which use ladders are


  • safety
    • Make sure the ladder is steady and well supported.
    • Don't climb a ladder outside when there's lightning.
    • If you don't use a ladder regularly, have someone with you to help. The person can hand-up items, steady the ladder and provide other useful help.
    • Don't climb the ladder above the recommended rung. For instance some ladders have a platform on top for holding items like paint and paint brushes, but not intended to be steady or strong enough for the user to stand.
  • height
    Is the ladder intended to reach as high as you need?
  • weight limit
  • extras, such as a platform or place to put things at the top of the ladder while you're working up there
  • materials
  • types
    • extension ladders -- two pieces slide back and forth to get longer, needs something to rest against
    • step ladders -- usually a smaller ladder similar to a step stool, usually folds up for flatter storage
    • folding ladders -- hinges at or near the top so it can stand without a separate support
    • telescoping ladders -- legs compress like a telescope or collapsable cup

Brand optionsEdit

You may also want to purchase a Telestep Ladder. TELESTEPS provides the equivalent standing height of a normal foot extension ladder in a lightweight and easy to store package.



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