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If you meant a different type of keyboard, like a piano keyboard, see the disambiguation page.

A keyboard is one of several different types of personal computer input devices. Most computer keyboards have the letters laid out on "keys" or buttons that the user presses. But, some, like chorded keyboards, have other ways of letting the user indicate what to type.

Two different keyboards: right Apple (circa 2010), left Apple Lisa (circa 1983).


Because of the electronic components, water or dampness can damage a computer keyboard.

Some cleaners are alcohol based. The alcohol evaporates faster than water. Other solvents can damage the casing.

Dry dusting or blowing the dust out of a keyboard is helpful. Removing the dust also lets the air circulate better in a laptop keyboard, so the computer's fan can keep it cool more easily.

If a keyboard gets wet, unplug it immediately, turn it upside down to let the water drain out. If the drink is just water, dry off the excess with a clean cloth. If it is a sugar or syrup sweetened drink, the sugar will leave a sticky residue, so it should be wiped off as much as possible with water, or even better rubbing alcohol. Then, put it in a plastic container on some rice. The rice will absorb the dampness. Do not plug it in until it is dry. (This works for mobile phones too.)


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