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An interior design is a plan for the look and feel of things inside a structure, or in the case of this wiki, inside a home. The term "interior design" can also refer to the process of creating or implementing a plan or design. Interior design also applies to other spaces, such as offices, hotels, other buildings and sometimes spaces that are not really "interior", such as gardens, but on this wiki we focus on residential interior design.

Modern interior designs have to take many things into consideration. It has to look at how much money is in the budget and how that can extend to the overall design of the interiors.

Interior designers are professionals that combines vision, industry insights, and application expertise. Interior designers operate with clients and other interior decor professionals to generate designing treatment methods that are safe to use, practical, appealing, and satisfy the desires of the individuals living in the dwelling.

Others things such as design and style are looked at to find the desired feel or effect that the person would like to give. The design can include colors or decorating themes based on resident favorites.

Foster Kitchen Design-Floor Plan

Designing a kitchen layout.

A thorough interior design considers, not just the aesthetics, but also the flow or use of things. Is the house structured in a way that supports the lifestyle, hobbies and needs of the residents who live there, including their safety. Good design should also take into account the physical needs of the residents. It can take into account the size of children, perhaps selecting furniture that will "grow" with the children. For instance, some cribs can be converted into a child's bed. Fragile or sharp items should probably be omitted in places where children play or where an older person could trip and fall. Some door handles are easier for an older person with arthritis to open than a round door knob. For other adjustments, see accessibility.

Some places regulate who can use certain titles such as "Certified Interior Designer". A professional interior designer can help by working with you or doing the work for you. Or you may prefer to do it yourself.


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