bulletin boards are often used to advertise for housemates

A housemate is anyone with whom you share a house. The term is sometime used for people that share an apartment or other type of dwelling than a house. Other terms for housemate are roommate or flatmate. These terms are not usually used for a family member, even when technically, the family member shares a home, so is a housemate.

People find housemates in order to have company, to share costs, to try out living together before making a more formal relationship.


billboard ad for "no more weird flatmates"

Some of the things to discuss and decide before you agree to be housemates are

  • distribution of costs -- rent, utility bills, phone bills, etc.
  • how to distribute the household chores
  • how often each will do the household chores
  • what will be shared? food? furniture? which rooms or space?
  • quiet hours, noise levels
  • joint or individual parties
  • guests, especially overnight guests
  • privacy
  • general levels of cleanliness and clutter

There are many ways to find a housemate. You can ask a friend especially if they are in the same predicament. You can try looking at websites or other advertising outlets that have people searching for a housemate to share their apartment with.



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