Houseboat in Yangso, China.

houseboat in Yangso, China

Houseboats are one place people live. In some cultures, living on the water is common -- either on stilts or in a houseboat. In other places, a houseboat is a luxury -- a second home. Sometimes people who love to travel, select a houseboat as a way of living that allows them to move around.

Do you like the water? Do you want to live very near it?

Like other home structures, houseboats can be bought or rented.

Space on most houseboats is fairly limited. So the appliances and storage tend to be compact, and some furniture will do "double duty".

Sunshine from Amsterdam

houseboats on the canals in Amsterdam, Netherlands


കെട്ടുവള്ളം..... A houseboat moored on the backwaters...

houseboat on the backwaters with palms


Commercial and rental sites

The Houseboat


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