A house warming is usually a party or celebration of a move into a new home. The celebration is often held in an open house style, and it is common to give gifts that might be helpful for the new home residents. While it's usually called a "house" warming, the celebration can also be used for other types of residences, such as a first apartment.


A good, general tool kit.

Party hintsEdit

Because the party is usually held soon after the move, it is often casual.

Some ways to make it easier to throw a party right after you've moved:

  • Don't try to make all the food yourself. Buy take out or let your friends help by bringing things.
  • Use paper plates and disposable flatware. (This way you don't have to find and unpack dinnerware.) If you don't want to use disposable items for ecological reasons, you could use paper or buy washable, reusable items.


Consider what the new homemaker(s) need. If it's a first home, they probably need everything. Some nice start-up gifts include basic tools, kitchen shears, a book on home repair, a list of handymen and contractor. Cookware, kitchen towels, and door mats can all be useful. For someone who's had a home before and still has most of the household basics, fancier or more decorative items can be fun.

Sometimes food or drinks are appropriate: a bottle of wine, cookies in a reusable tin, etc. If you're on a budget, try some containers for leftovers with something in them -- utensils like a whisk, bottle opener or spatula in them or attached, or maybe a recipe card with a simple recipe for a new cook in each. Use a bit of ribbon or an interesting color scheme to make it look festive.

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