In some religions and for some people, a home shrine, is a way of bringing their spirituality into their home.

Shrine to Norm

Shrine to Norm

It could be ... ancestors ... prayer or meditation. ... a place to fulfill a religious requirement, such as regularly required prayer. A shrine can also be a way to honor an ancestor or loved one, especially when someone has died in an "untimely" manner, such as a child who died young. Parents may keep the room or some items related to the child.

Little ganesh

Little statue of Ganesh, a Hindu god

Some home shrines include objects used in religious ceremonies or with prayers, a crucifix or prayer rug, candles, incense or prayerbooks. Home shrines may have scrolls to represent religious texts or images of ancestors. In larger homes, mansions or old manors or castles, the shrine may be more than part of a room; there may be an entire chapel.

Peaceful Meditation free creative commons

Peaceful Budda

Robert Reid- Her First Born

"Robert Reid's Her First Born" -- crucifix on the wall with candles


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