Home remedies for headaches are different for different kinds of headaches. Over the counter medicines are available. Some household ingredients and foods can help, and some other remedies, such as certain scents can help. This article is divided into remedies for migraines, sinus and other headaches. As with all medical advice from the Internet, it will not apply in all cases. For any serious medical conditions, please consult qualified medical personnel.


Migraines are generally helped by dark and rest. Some pressure on the neck muscles and forehead help some. Migraines are often related to sinus headaches, so some of the same treatments help. Migraines are associated with lower levels of some nutrients. Eating more of those nutrients can help prevent them -- magnesium, B vitamins and omega oils. Some scents can help: mint, lavender, rosemary, cloves, basil oil, ginger, oakmoss essential oil. Caffeine, especially in drinks such as sodas, tea or coffee are also helpful for many. Cold can help; a cool washcloth over the eyes and forehead often feels good. Nausea is one side effect of migraines, so a washable basin or pail is sometimes useful.

Sinus headaches

Sinus headaches are helped by remedies and action that help clear the sinuses or promote movement of mucus and reduction of any swelling. Steam helps. Pressing the pressure points around the eyes and nose can help and can be done with massage or an eye pillow. A hot washcloth or eye pillow can help. A hot drink is useful for some. A warm bath or shower may help.

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Basic headaches

There are many over the counter medicines for headaches. Headaches can come from dehydration (especially if they're part of a hangover). So drinking water or other non-alcoholic drinks is helpful in some cases. Headaches can also be caused by tight muscles. So massage or heat to relax those muscles helps in those cases. A gentle circular massage on the muscles or trigger points (for instance, the temples, jaw joint or sides of the neck). Ice on sore muscles to reduce inflammation and provide some temporary numbness can also help. Cinnamon ground into a paste and put on the forehead or drunk in warm milk may help with headaches associated with a cold. Apples or cider vinegar also help some people get rid of headaches.


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