Would you be willing to take on some administrative responsibilities for this wiki? If you are, you may add your name below. You may also nominate someone else who you thing would be a good administrator. If you would like administrative rights or if you'd like to nominate someone else, please enter the ID and reasons below.

Admins have additional responsibilities and should have demonstrated the interest and judgement by their participation.

Please put nominations (including self-nominations) for special user rights below. Add supporting or dissenting comments under the nominations. Sign your comments.

Adjustments may be made for special circumstances, but in general there will be at least a one week comment period.

Normally a user is expected to contribute for awhile and demonstrate the ability to provide good judgement and leadership for the wiki before being given any of these roles. There are exceptions for the founder and sometimes for people who have demonstrated their skills on another wiki.

See Home_Wiki:Administrators, Wikia:Help:User access levels and Wikia:Help:Administrators' how-to guide for more information about these roles. Special:Listadmins shows the current admins, bureaucrats and staff IDs.

Rollback RightsEdit

This special permission makes it easier for a user to revert vandalism by "rolling back" the page to its previous state. Any editor can go back to a previous state and make it current by editing it. This rollback is just a little faster. It can be given to anyone who will use it to help clean up vandalism. It should not be used just because you don't like someone else's contribution. That should be handled by discussion on the appropriate talk or discussion page.



I would like to request Rollback Rights. I will use the rights to "kill" vandleism. I'm wanting to use this before requesting Admin Rights. CXCXXZB, the Lord 01:37, December 3, 2011 (UTC)

Adding rollback rights for CXXX. -- CocoaZen 14:32, December 10, 2011 (UTC)


An administrator has special responsibilities to watch over the wiki. In order to make it easier to fulfill those responsibilities, and admin can block user IDs or IP edits, protect or delete pages and revert pages more easily.

Tangeled Web WeaverEdit

Tangeled Web Weaver has been helping with this wiki's skin (or look) and has shown the ability to be a responsible wiki contributor here and on other wiki. This will make future improvements easier.



A bureaucrat has the same rights as an administrator and the additional permission to create new administrators and bureaucrats. (Changes made at Special:UserRights.)

CocoaZen ‎(original founder) has Bureaucrat and Sysop permissions on this wiki.


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