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This is an interactive site where people can contribute their knowledge about homes - care, residents, maintenance, improvements, furnishings and more. Visitors to this site have created 816 articles since May 2008.

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Are you interested in home automation? Cookies? Style or decorating? Reducing clutter? The wii or other games?

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"I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world."
-- George Washington

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Homes get dirty and need cleaning. People bring in dirt accidentally, like mud on their shoes. They create messes through the normal processes of living in the home -- using dishes… (See more.)

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Milestones on the Home Wiki

  • May 2012 / The Home Wiki celebrates its 4th year! The stub articles are down to 20%, and the 700 article was created.
  • March 2012 / The Home Wiki now has 500 non-stub articles.
  • November 2009 / The Home Wiki is featured in the Wikia Spotlight. (An earlier feature hit a glitch and was removed early.)
  • July 2009 / The 400th article is created.
  • May 2008 / The Home Wiki is Started!

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What belongs in this wiki?

This wiki is about homes. Here are some of the categories and topics that people have contributed:

  • People - who make a place a home
  • Structures - types of buildings or shelters that can be made into a home
  • Furniture - kinds of furniture commonly found in a home
  • Decorating - ways to change the appearance of your home
  • Infrastructure - components that make the structure function: electricity, plumbing, etc.
  • How to make a shelter into a home - making it comfy, safe, a place you want to be -- what's a good name for related category (or categories)? What makes a place a home?
  • Uses of a home - shelter, entertaining
  • Other: household chores, maintenance, improvements, "how to", helpful hints, buying a house (or condo or...), selecting an apartment, cleaning, home automation and home inspection, quotes about "home"

Helping out

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Topics on the discussion forum include What makes a place seem more like home? and If you were going to build a custom home.... </div>

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