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a hedge with a street number!

A hedge can provide privacy, shade and an attractive border. It can also protect against soil erosion.

Many different kinds of bushes and shrubs can be used to form a hedge. Some will also provide a variety of color -- either with their leaves or flowers.

Hedge vs. fenceEdit

Advantages of a hedge over a fence include the environmental side-effects: protecting against soil erosion, creating oxygen, noise reduction and reduction of the manufacturing side effects of fencing. A hedge can provide a place for birds to nest. Birds can provide a method of natural insect control. Hedges can include plants with specific characteristics -- spiky leaves, colorful foliage, pleasant smells, flowers. Hedges can be trimmed to adjust height or to create spaces to pass through.

Advantages of a fence over a hedge include the fact that a fence is generally less "permeable", that is, it's harder for animals to get through a fence, a fence does not require pruning or as much maintenance. Fences don't require watering during a dry season. Different kinds of fences can be used to match desired characteristics, such as visibility, height, security.

Chenonceau Hedge Maze

Chenonceau hedge maze


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