Cross Stitch - Halloween Fairy

an embroidered picture of the Halloween Fairy

One way to celebrate Halloween is to have a party. Halloween parties can be fun for adults or children.


Smoking drinks! (Hint: use dry ice)

Some drink mix companies also create mix powders that will fizz when you mix them with water.

Freeze ice cubes with plastic spiders, snakes or other "icky" things in them.

You can serve normal party food, add a few decorations or go all out with truly creepy looking food (for instance, see the references below).

Lots of candy comes in Halloween or fall themes like candy corn with candy pumpkins mixed in.

Cupcakes and cookies can be decorated with Halloween colors or themed designs.

How about pumpkin pie? Red, "blood", punch or sangria.

See the article on Halloween on the Recipes wikia.


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Halloween cookies

Bobbing for apples. Decorating scary cookies or cupcakes.

Have a haunted house or graveyard.

Play pin the skull on the skeleton.

Tell ghost stories or watch a scary movie. (See movies on the Halloween wiki.)


A "primary" color for Halloween decorations is orange. Black, silver and purple are also popular colors for the holiday.

Frequently used motifs include ghost, vampires, pumpkins. Some decorations include cobwebs or autumn luminarias or lanterns.

Who dressed YOU?

How cute! (Babies eying each other's costumes.)


What's your favorite costume?

See the article on costume on the Halloween wikia.


There's a Halloween wikia.


Use the quiz to determine whether you'd prefer "fright-filled fete or a seasonal soiree". (You probably already know.) Then it gives decorating and food ideas for each. The site also has Halloween Central

See the article on Halloween party on the Halloween wikia.

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