A grocery shopping list is an aid to ensure that one returns with all the necessary things from a grocery shopping trip.

Grocery List found in the East Village

A grocery shopping list

Shopping lists may also reduce impulse buying.

A shopping list can be created as you run out or low on things you like to keep on hand. Or it can be created as you plan menus. Another alternative is to have a master list with the things you buy regularly. Then you just check off the ones you need this time. A pre-prepared list takes work to create and maintain -- although there are commercial versions; it has the advantage that it can be organized to match the layout of the store(s) where you usually shop.

Some common sections are

  • produce
  • dairy
  • canned goods
    usually includes things in jars and newer styles of packaging too
    • canned fruits and vegetables
    • prepared sauces
    • prepared soups
  • frozen goods
    • frozen dinners
    • frozen fruits and vegetables
    • frozen desserts
    • frozen components of other meals, such as pie crusts
  • bakery
  • candy
  • paper goods
  • cosmetics and toiletries

Some grocery stores also have sections for foods from certain parts of the world or ethnic groups. Other grocery stores have "health food" sections -- energy bars, organic foods, etc.


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