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Garlic is a common cooking herb. It's a member of the Allium (lily) family.

Growing garlicEdit

Garlic is relatively easy to grow. Plant some bulbs in the fall outside or in a pot. Most pests won't eat it. Some people plant it near other plants that pests like in order to get them to stay away.

Preparing garlicEdit

Some people like to eat garlic raw -- whole, chopped or grated over something. Many people like it better cooked. Chopped or grated, saute it in oil or butter before adding other ingredients to make a stir fry or sauces.

Baked garlicEdit

If you really like garlic, you can make a yummy paste by cooking it whole and making a paste out of it. First separate the cloves, take off the papery outer skin and take the cloves off the stock. Now put them in a baking pan with a lid. Cover lightly in a good oil or butter. Cook for about an hour on a mid-range temperature, like 350°. To eat, clip the end off a clove and squeeze the paste out or mash all the cloves with the oil or butter they cooked in. The paste is yummy on bread to top off vegetables or meatloaf and many other things.

Potential health benefitsEdit

Most of the health benefits of garlic are attributed to the sulfur compounds it contains. Studies have found that it may help with blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems. It reduces atherosclerosis, inflammation, oxidative damage and cholesterol.

It's also a good source of manganese, selenium, vitamin B6 and C.

Some research also indicates other benefits in possibly reducing the risk of cancer and increasing the ability to metabolize iron.

For the best benefits, the chemicals in garlic may need to mix and decompose -- chopped, raw garlic may do this best. But after chopping and letting it sit a few minutes, you can still cook it and get much of the benefit.

Garlic home remedies Edit

Garlic for Warts and Genital Warts Edit

To understand the usefulness of garlic in the eradication of warts, we need to first know that they are caused by the HPV virus. Garlic is known to contain antibacterial elements within meaning that it is at a perfect position to kill bacteria and viruses, and this includes certain strands of the HPV virus. Since the warts are made more severe by the fact that the immense system is weekend, the presence of Allicin in the garlic helps the body fight the infection by the destruction of disease casing pathogens like those responsible for the warts. In the case of genital warts, the antimicrobial components of the garlic penetrate deep into the genitalia and lay waste to the infection causing microbes.[1]

There are several ways that garlic can be used to help in the treatment of warts. The first and simplest is to simply consume the garlic in its natural form. The juice will be absorbed into the bloodstream and help to fight off the infection from within. Another method is to crush some garlic and mix it with coconut oil the apply the solution on the warts. This will help them dry out, sharing away and finally disappear. Fresh garlic can also be applied on the warts on a daily basis till the infection has subsided. A more taxing but highly effective method would be to slice up the garlic, attach them to the warts then cover them with a medical gauze. The gauze will however need changing once every four hours. This method keeps the warts in constant exposure to all the advantageous elements of the garlic and this makes it highly effective.[2]

Garlic for acne Edit

Garlic is a marvelous cure to several skin ailments caused by the accumulation of is a natural antibiotic and can be used in the elimination of infections on the skin with an effectiveness as high as that of modern medicine. The best thing about the garlic treatment is that it serves as a preventive measure for further attacks by bacteria thus preventing the recurrence and outbreak of acne on the skin. The best way to use garlic for the treatment of acne is to extract the juice and directly apply it on the affected areas of the skin. This tends to bring forth the most desirable results in a short period of time.

The best way to extract the juice is to blend the garlic then dilute the paste with a little water before applying it on the skin using a cloth or cotton swab. Another way is to get slice up the garlic and put the pieces into some little water. Let this stay for about thirty minutes then soak some cotton balls into the solution. The rest is easy as you can use the cotton balls to apply the solution to the affected areas then wash it off later after about twenty minutes. The garlic can also be mashed into a paste and the paste applied on the skin. Having garlic in your diet is always recommended.[3]

Garlic for yeast infections and vaginal yeast infections Edit

The microbial compositions of garlic enable it to kill yeast on any part of the body. Use of garlic thus becomes essential in the fight against the bacteria that causes the yeast infection and the infection itself. This natural antibiotic is your best option when it comes to treating yeast infections, either vaginal or oral.

The best method to deal with vaginal yeast infections would be to slice up some garlic cloves then insert them vaginally and let them stay there overnight. They will simply get the work done leaving behind a watery discharge in most cases. The procedure should be repeated severally till the infection is gone. Another good method would be to make a paste from the garlic and dilute it with some water. Soak a cloth in the solution then insert it vaginally, it should achieve the same results. For oral yeast infections, sucking on sliced up garlic cloves proves quite advantageous. The best effects can be realized when garlic as a remedy is used during the earlier stages of the infection. Using garlic that is cooked will reduce its effectiveness. All garlic remedies for yeast infection work best when left overnight.[4][5]

Garlic for Varicose veins Edit

Since the varicose veins are brought about by poor circulation of blood and culmination of pressure in the lower abdomen, there are always the after effects of swelling, inflammation and discomfort. Garlic can be used to relieve all of this. The action of free radical cause quite the damage to the ventricular walls and the constituents of garlic can help to fight this off. Topical application of garlic can also reduce the swelling and general discomfort.

The easiest way to use garlic as a treatment for all manner of varicose veins would be to simply integrate it into the diet on a daily basis. Another is to create a cool compress that is composed of crushed garlic cloves, freshly blended orange juice and olive oil. This can be used to massage the affected areas or simply applied and left on the affected areas overnight.
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