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Gardening can be a fun and rewarding hobby.

A garden can be a practical source of food, a decorative enhancement to the exterior of a house or a good excuse to get fresh air and exercise.

A kitchen or vegetable garden provides fresh food. Even if you are in an apartment, you may be able to grow a few herbs and vegetables in a window garden.

There are many different kinds of gardens, kitchen (fresh food), flower, rock, gardens with plants to attract certain kinds of wildlife (birds, bees, butterflies), container and windowsill gardens. There are also herb gardens.

Growing plants can be a fun and educational experience for children.

Flowers and other landscaping can add to the attractiveness of your home, your enjoyment of it and its value.


  • how much sunshine does the spot usually get?
  • how much rain or water does the spot usually get?
  • does the soil have a lot of clay or sand in it?
  • do you want to grow vegetables? flowers? herbs? plants that attract butterflies? a mix?
  • will children or pets or pets have access to or spend time in your garden? (Some plants could be dangerous to them.)
  • choices about how to keep out unwanted animals, pest or weeds? (organic? fencing?)
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