If one wants to get really picky about it, one could say that the only gardening tool that is actually needed is a pair of hands. But tell that to the person that just got stabbed by an over sharp thorn. The reality is that while gardening tools may not be absolutely required for gardening, they can still be quite useful. What follows is a brief listing of common tools and their uses:

  • Hand Shovel or spade - Good for digging small holes.
  • Shovel - bigger than hand shovels, they are for the jobs that too big for hand shovels
  • Weeder - While most weeds can be simply pulled out, the more stubborn ones will frequently leave a long taproot behind that will regenerate if left alone. By poking the weeder done alongside the root, you can increase the likelihood of the root coming out with the weed.
  • Grass shears - Cuts grass scissor style.
  • Lawnmower - Grass Shears usually aren't usually adequate for grass that has taken over an entire yard.
  • Weed Wacker - Occasionally the lawn isn't flat enough for a lawn mower. Weed Wacker don't care how even or flat the ground happens to be.
  • Clipper - use for cutting branches and other things.
  • Hedge Clippers - Got hedges? That's what these are for.
  • Garden Hose - helps you get the water where you want it.
  • Rake - The garden equivalent of a broom.
  • Hoe -
  • Gardening gloves -


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