A garden can provide a hobby, flowers, exercise, food and other items for the household.

7 weeks

a garden in progress

Some of the fun aspects of a garden are the fresh air, fresh produce or flowers, and excuse to spend some time outside in the rain or sunshine, a reason to get the hose out and have a water fight Smile1. Some of the less fun things are dealing with pests, weeds and sore thighs.

There are many different kinds of gardens -- everything from large "kitchen" gardens for growing foods like herbs, vegetables and fruit to small, indoor window gardens. Some gardens are just for decoration or growing decorations like flowers.

Sarah planted a new fall-winter garden on our deck out back

using the deck space for a potted garden


  • climate - This affects what to plant and when.
  • soil - Affects what will grow well and how much help (fertilizing) it may need. For some flowers, it may even affect their color.
  • time - How much time to do you have to spend on gardening?
  • purpose - Is your garden for beauty, food or another purpose?
  • plants' lifespan - annual, perineal


Green garden

a verdant, green backyard garden


Unusual gardens:

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