The new garbage disposal

a garbage disposal from the sink -- the entry point

A garbage disposal (unit) usually goes in the drain of a kitchen sink and chops up the food that goes into it so that food can go down the drain.

The power of a garbage disposal is measured in horsepower. More expensive units will have more insulation and run more quietly.

Use hintsEdit

  • Always run the water when running the garbage disposal - start the water before you flip the switch on and keep it on for a short time after you stop the disposal.
  • Whether or not you are running the disposal, run hot water when anything greasy goes down the drain.
  • In general use cold water while running the disposal, to keep the motor cool (according to Wiki-how).
  • Some people say that running the garbage disposal with ice cubes in it will sharpen the blades. (I don't know if that's true. Wiki-how says it is not, but that the ice will clean the disposal.)
  • According to wikianswers, you can toss coffee grinds into the garbage disposal, but there are better uses for them.
New Garbage Disposal Unit

the actual garbage disposal unit under the sink


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