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two car garage

Some homes have garages for storing cars. They are often used for storing multiple other things as well. Another common use for garages is as a workspace or workshop.

Some garages are attached and some are separate buildings. Some apartments have their own multi-car commercial style garages.

Garages are also used to store other things like, yard care equipment, bicycles and sports equipment or items that might be harmed by the damp or humidity which is often found in a basement.

If a car or other piece of equipment is leaking gasoline, oil or other fuel, do not put it into the garage. And do not try to start it up until all the fuel is cleaned from under the equipment and on the engine. Sparks from a battery or engine starter may start a fire or even an explosion. And the fumes are not healthy. Similarly, any other flammable materials such as paint, cleaners and paint thinners should also be kept away from anything that might create sparks.

a detached garage with a roof that is green in more than one way



a back alley between homes with the garages backing onto the alley