There are many different types of games -- you can see a small part of this by looking at Wikia's Gaming Hub. Games are one of the entertainments that can be part of the fun at home.

Games usually have equipment (cards, balls, nets, boards and pieces, etc.) that need storage when not in use.


corner of a monopoly board

Types of gamesEdit

Some categories of games are

  • ball
  • board
  • card
  • computer
  • physically active
  • pinball
  • puzzle
  • role-playing
  • team competition
  • video

A single game may fit into multiple of these categories.


  • space required
    Most of us don't have the fields necessary for games like soccer or baseball in our backyards. But even if a field isn't part of most homes, the availability or nearness to parts and other recreational facilities may be important.
  • equipment
  • fees
  • skill
  • appropriate age level
  • exercise benefits

and more



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