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Pink penstemons find a friend.

Flowers can be grown indoors or outdoors, used for decoration. Some flowers have uses in addition to decoration -- they can repel pests, provide food.

Some trees and shrubs flower.

Red tulips

red tulips


  • annual vs. perennial
  • color
  • size
  • scent
  • growing needs - amount of light, water, fertilizer, ability to resist bugs
  • when and how long they bloom

Flower arrangingEdit

Section to be developed, including suggestions about vases, different styles of arranging (symmetric, asymmetric, monochromatic), dried vs. fresh, keeping fresh, etc.


Ginger flower.



  • symbolism of flowers in the Symbolism wikia

See the article on flower on the gardening wikia. (not much there yet, but I bet there will be)

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