Tulip market

bulbs in a tulip market

A flower bulb can be used to plant beds of flowers that will continue to come up for years. Bulbs are an alternative way to propagate some kinds of flowers instead of seeds or cuttings. Because a bulb stores nutrition for the plant, even though the part above ground may die when winter comes, the part below the ground, the bulb, stays safely insulated and comes back, growing new leaves, stalk and flowers the next year.

  • red tulip
  • blue iris
  • yellow daffodils (also called narcissus)
  • crocuses
  • hyacinths


Bulbs come in different sizes. Most come with planting instructions.

In general, they should be planted in the fall and with about twice the depth of their size.

Bulbs need several weeks of cold weather each year -- refrigerator cold, not freezer.



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