Lladró de saldo

Lladró figurines

Some people like decorating their homes with figurines.

Figurines are miniature models of many small-scaled designs of pretty much anything. They are considered more as a collectable and are mostly placed around the house for viewing pleasure.

Figurines are usually associated with iconic representations, which are tailored to the interests of collectors or specific audience.

Some figurines may have articulable limbs and joints, which are much popularized by the selling of action figures, comics and popular culture.

Some people collect items on a specific theme, for instance a breed of dog. Or a theme could be broader, fantasy figures and worlds are popular: princesses, dragons, unicorns. Others collect a specific brand or style. (See some "brand names" below.)

M I Hummel

Hummel figurines



The following produce figurines and other decorative objects:


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