Feng shui

Feng shui symbol

Feng shui is a belief system about how the way our surroundings, especially places where we spend most of our time, like our homes and workplaces, affect us. It has been popularized in North America (and I'm sure other places) in the past decade. It is based on ancient Chinese practice. ...

There are a few different varieties.

Feng shui (風水 in Chinese's traditional writing) literally means wind water. It is the belief of looking into one's home to see how much positive energy and how to improve it.

In Chinese culture, many of the Chinese believe that placements of some objects and furniture in the home is at an utmost importance to bring in good luck, happiness and prosperity. For example, the placement of the bed towards the window may be regarded as letting in the cosmic powers from the skies above while asleep.

Feng shui is not only applied to inside the home, but outside as well. An excellent article regarding patio and backyard layout can be found here .



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