"Good fences make good neighbours."
-- Robert Frost in Mending Wall (1914)*

A fence can mark boundaries, be decorative (or a foundation for decorations, like climbing vines) or protective.

Some places require fences around swimming pools. These safety fences are meant to keep children, pets and other animals from accidentally falling into the pool and being hurt or drowned.

Fences are generally found outside the home, but there are some exceptions. For instance safety fences or a safety gate may be installed at the top of the stairs to keep small children from falling down.

Sometimes a fence can be controversial. Neighbors can disagree about a fence's placement -- especially in comparison to the property borders. They can disagree on the aesthetics, and some neighborhoods have regulations about the kinds of fences that can be installed.

A fence can be intended to keep people and animals out, or to keep them safely on the premises -- especially pets and children.

Fences may take on different forms and designs. Most houses in rurual and surbaban have picket fences surrounding their home.

Chesterfield Prefabs

a fence in front of a home, separating it from the public sidewalk


Note on quote

Mr. Frost's statement that "Good fences make good neighbours." was part of a poem. It was ironic. The rest of the poem makes it clear that he did not think this fence would improve relationships. However, many people do not realize this and quote him in support of fences.

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