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Gingerbread Laptop

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Media Item Month Thumbnail
Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (not actually used in an article) June 2013
Ovr1 540x279
250px August 2011
Interactive LED Dining table
Image:Rectangle.jpg January 2009
Image:Houseboat in Yangso, China..jpg
How would you like to live in this houseboat? Lovely view!
November 2008
Houseboat in Yangso, China.
Image:Homelogo monobook.png
This wiki's initial logo.
June 2008
Homelogo monobook
Image:Høje Taastrup village.JPG
Used on the wiki's main page initially.
October 2008
Høje Taastrup village
Image:Pink Penstemons-3139.jpg September 2008
Pink Penstemons-3139
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