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This article is about extreme homes. Homes can be extreme in many different ways—tiny, compact homes to huge mansions, no storage or many closets and cupboards, modern to ancient, etc. While most of us don't have or want extreme homes, we can sometimes get good ideas from them.

Size[edit | edit source]

a tiny cottage

Houses vary tremendously in size. There are compact houses that can be as small as 65 square feet of floor space. And there are mansions with hundreds of rooms and tens of thousands of square feet. There are modular homes for one or two people. And some buildings are designed to have hundreds of apartments.

Some houses are extreme in one dimension, e.g., extremely narrow. Other houses are very flat and wide.

Stories[edit | edit source]

Some of the extreme homes have interesting stories behind them. There are a few narrow or tall homes that were built to fit or block a space. A house may be built in a way to save a landmark, like an ancient tree. Other houses have an interesting history—someone famous lived there, a ghost story, or a house that was part of the underground railroad, as examples. Also in historic districts, homes may be required to keep a certain external appearance.

Shape[edit | edit source]

a narrow house, built to fit between the others

Some home have extremely unusual shapes. Often this is done to honor a particular interest, such as the home in the shape of a guitar. In other cases, it may reflect the construction or conversion of something into a home. For instance, an airplane or church that was converted into a home may still have the shape or structural elements reflecting its origin.

Age[edit | edit source]

Some homes are extremely old. They were originally constructed hundreds of years ago.

Other extremes[edit | edit source]

Extremely tall and pointed roof.

Other extreme factors are shape and color.  Some people design homes to accommodate or express a hobby or special interest.

Extremely colorful

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