With concerns about global warming and household budgets, energy efficiency is an important topic for many people.

Getting the same results while using fewer resources (electric power, wood, oil, etc.) is increasing efficiency. Because fewer resources are used and less waste is created, energy efficiency is good for the environment. Because fewer resources must be purchased, it is good for your budget.

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Reducing energy usage is another way to decrease energy costs.

According to the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy site [1] 45% of the typical energy bill goes to heating and cooling.

Places to FocusEdit


Improving insulation is a key way to make a home more energy efficient. A well insulated building requires less energy to keep warm or cool. In addition to adding insulating materials to the roof and outer walls, it's important to make sure there aren't gaps in the structure -- around doors or windows.


Even when the area around a window is well insulated, the window itself can be a place where significant energy is lost -- especially with single pane glass windows.


New compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) can save significant energy.


When you buy new appliances, pay attention to their energy efficiency. it may be a little bit more expensive to purchase a more efficient appliance, but you usually save much more than that difference in savings on your energy bill over time.

Little things you can doEdit



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