Electrical Outlet

electrical sockets

Electrical sockets or outlets allow us to plug in appliances to attach them to the electrical grid and provide power for them to run.

Electricity can be the source of dangerous electric shocks, burns or fire starting. So, safety precautions should be observed. Only properly trained people (or those under their guidance in training) should work directly with the electrical wiring. Homeowners should know where their fuse box or circuit breakers are. The wiring should not be overloaded with more appliances than it's rated to use. There are socket testers you can buy to make sure the polarity and power to a socket is what it should be. If a socket blows the fuse or trips the circuit breaker repeatedly, it can be a sign that something is wrong. Perhaps it is overloaded or there is a problem with the wiring. To avoid shock and fire dangers, please have any suspect wiring or sockets checked and fixed by a knowledgeable electrician.


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