rolls of duct tape in different colors

One of the items on many people's list of necessary maintenance tools is duct tape. It consists of three layers: a stick one (originally rubber based), a fabric layer and a water-proof (plastic based) layer. It can be torn off the roll by hand, but it is extremely strong, and the water resistance is useful for many circumstances.


  • Taping duct work
  • Getting rid of warts
  • Making an emergency bandage
  • Making duct tape wallets

It is sometimes called duct tape and other times duck tape. It is useful to make up boxes for moving. (Although you might want to use packing tape for that.)

There are people who claim that duct tape is one of the most important home repair tool to have and that you can fix almost anything with it. Some take this to extremes in parodies and spoofs. And a whole genre of duct tape crafts has grown -- including things like making wallets, purses, decorations (duct tape flowers) and even clothing!


close-up of a duct tape wallet



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