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loaded freestanding dishwasher

A dishwasher can be the person who washes the dishes (and flatware), or it can be an appliance that washes them.

Use hints[]

  • Some dishwashers run better if you run the hot water in a nearby sink first to get the hot water into the pipes.
  • Check occasionally to make sure nothing has fallen to the bottom or to clean out any bits and pieces that may have collected and block the drain.
  • Occasionally run some vinegar or bleach through an empty, hot cycle to clean the dishwasher. (Do not use bleach if the washer has a stainless steel interior.) Baking soda may also work. Another popular option is lemon kool-aid. (Use a light color as the dye in the red or purple colored flavors may stain.)
  • If you have a garbage disposal unit, run it before running the dishwasher. (This will also give you a chance to get the hot water running first.)


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