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As eating is one of the core activities in most homes, dishes are an important and frequently used furnishing. Depending on the context, the term dishes can include a variety of objects. Plates and cups are prototypical dishes. Platters, serving containers (gravy bowls, tea pots, cream pitchers, etc.) and saucers are also dishes. When using dishes as a relatively generic term for food holders, dishes may also refer to pots and pans, decorative ceramics, flatware and crystal. The term dishes is also used to refer to the food served on the dishes. For example, people talk about whether they will serve "Indian dishes" or "Spanish dishes" instead of "Indian or Spanish food". (See the articles on food for articles related to that use in this wiki.)


"Dish out" is to throw something out metaphorically or literally freely or to distribute.

"Dish the dirt" - tell the gossip or the bad things about someone.

"Revenge is a dish best served cold" is an opinion that rather than getting even in anger, planning and retaliating and getting vengeance at a later time is better.

To call someone, usually a woman, a dish means she's attractive.


China - the Mosaic

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Dishes are made of many different materials including

Many homes use more than one kind of dishes. Paper goods may be used for a casual party to make clean-up easier. Many people think of china as fragile, but high quality china is often less likely to chip or break than heavier weight ceramics. Some households have smaller, less breakable dishes on hand for children.


Dishes and new silverware

some dishes in a place setting

In a home where rules of kashrut are kept, there need to be at least two separate sets of dishes.



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