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A desk is one of the most common things found in workspace. It can be as simple as a plank laid across storage crates or complex with ornate cubbies.

Desks usually have a flat-top or work surface and compartments or drawers for storage. Some modern desks have holes or slots in the back to make it easier to hook up wired devices such as telephones, computers, PDAs, lights or chargers.

If you'll be typing on the desk, make sure that it's at the right height. Typing too much at a desk that is too high or low can cause arm strain or hurt your wrists. The height should allow your hands and the lower parts of your arms to be roughly straight. Your wrists should not have to stay bent up or down for extended work. A bad angle can contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome or other repetitive strain injuries.

Types of desksEdit

  • rolltop
  • secretary
  • cubicle (modular)
  • Wooton
  • student
  • steel / government
  • armoire
  • computer desk
Totally organized office

Home office, with organized supplies near a desk.

Common workspace suppliesEdit



Desks can be made of many kinds of materials. Some common materials are

  • wood or pressed board with wood laminate
  • metal
Idiartekoborda, Saint-Etienne-de-Baïgorry, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine (France)

An old fashioned, antique, slant top desk.

Common phrases using "desk"Edit

  • desktop
  • "desk" used to mean office or role, as in, from the desk of Jill Park, CEO
  • front desk (reception)
  • desk jockey (office worker)

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