A cup is an implement or dish for drinking, measuring or transporting liquids. One "cup" is also a measuring unit, but the amount it measures varies by region and metric or traditional measurements.

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But most drinking cups hold more than a measured cup of liquid. A cup often comes with a saucer. As opposed to a glass, a cup is usually shorter or shorter in comparison to its height. Cups are less likely to be made of a clear material and more often used for informal table settings. Unlike a mug, a cup does not usually have a handle, with the exception of a tea cup, which may have a thin handle and a matching saucer. Some styles of cups are associated with particular drinks or brands.

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In Japan, a cup is 200 millilitres. An older, primarily European, measure is the imperial cup at 284 millilitres. A US legal cup is 240 millilitres; while a metric cup is 250 millilitres. A US cup is also usually 8 ounces or half a US pint.

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