Copper Art Sculpture

Copper sculpture

Copper is a mineral, an element and a metal. It is also a useful material in homes. The standard abbreviation for copper is Cu. It's atomic number is 29. As a metal, it's been used in wiring, roofing, pipes, pots and pans, decorations and artworks, jewelry and coins. A very small amount of copper is necessary to the human body, but too much is toxic. Copper has a distinctive color... which is named after the metal.

Copper is a good electrical conductor. Copper wiring is often a part of a home's electrical system.

Hardwick Hall-Copper pans

Close up of copper pans (Hardwick Hall)

Many cooks like the properties of copper pans. They conduct heat well. Some pots or pans have copper on the bottom to conduct the heat to the food, but another metal or ceramic material that does not conduct heat as well to hold the heat in on the sides and top and to make it easier to handle. (Also copper can be expensive so mixed materials may be cheaper.)


Some attribute the terms "Coppers" or "Cops" for police officers to the copper buttons that were on their uniforms.


Every Pot has it's place and every place has it's pot or pan

Pots and pans on the wall, some cast iron. See the one with the copper bottom?

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