What do you do when the lid won't fit on the cookie jar?

an overflowing cookie jar

For some, a cookie jar is a symbol of a warm home, a comfortable kitchen.

Cookie jars come in many different styles, shapes and themes. They have become collectable items.

In popular cultureEdit

There is a young children's game named "Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?". The game involves going on a ryhythmic beat in which the accuser calls out the named of the accused to which they either deny or come forwards to admitting stealing from the cookie jar. The game may last until the right person is found.

"Caught with a hand in the cookie jar" means caught in the act, as in a child caught taking a cookie when he or she wasn't supposed to have one.

Both the American band, Gym Class Heroes, and musician Jack Johnson have written songs called "Cookie Jar".


  • attractive
  • protects from pests
  • keeps the cookies from going stale as quickly as they would if just left out in the open
  • size




A variety of cookie jars (and other kitchen storage canisters):

Brains! Cookie Brains!
Three blind mice
Stan's bakery
Cookie Jar.
Cookie Jars
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