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a grilled cheese sandwich is comfort food for some

The "comforts of home" are some of the things that make a place (structure) a home. Of course there are other factors that make a home... family, a feeling of security, history. Some things provide a tangible reminder of those feelings. Other things are physically comfortable and less important from an emotional perspective: soft blankets, warm drinks or sunny corners with a comfortable chair.

Is there an object that makes a place feel safe, settled, loving or in other ways make it feel like home to you? For a child, it may be a pacifier, stuffed animal or baby blanket. For a pet, it might be a safe place, like under a skirted table. For an adult, it may be less of a feeling of safety, and more a sense of roots, something like a family bible or heirloom (furniture, jewelry, furnishings that have been handed down the family) or made by family members (Grandmother's quilt or Danny's most recent crayon picture).


Comfort is more than a soft throw on a cold night. It's a convenient place to stash stuff, an easy way to outwit dirt, and a quiet, softly lit space to escape to when all hell is breaking loose. Investing in a little comfort pays big dividends in contentment.
-- Cleaning and the Meaning of Life: Simple Solutions to Declutter Your Home and Beautify Your Life - Paula Jhung


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