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sunlight in through the window

Many people have their own favorite tricks for cleaning windows. Please feel free to add your suggestions here.

Some of the tricky things about cleaning windows are that they have two sides, often have multiple layers, like screens, and the window is made up of different parts (the clear part, framework, screens, shutters, seals, etc.) using different materials with different cleaning needs. Windows also tend to go high enough that a step stool may be necessary to reach the top on the inside, and a ladder on the outside -- especially on a multi-story home. Some services specialize in window cleaning, especially for taller buildings like high-rise apartment buildings.


There are many different ways to clean windows. Specialized commercial cleaning solutions are available, but many people prefer to use regular household cleaning materials.

Ammonia & newspaper[]

"Recipes" for window cleaning:

Hint: Best done on a cloudy day, so the sunshine won't make the cleaning solution streak.

Attributed to Mark Garnier in Cleaning and the Meaning of Life: Simple Solutions to Declutter Your Home and Beautify Your Life by Paula Jhung.


Dish soap[]

Diluted dish soap can make a good window cleaner.


Cleaning the window.


Things to do when cleaning windows...

When removing window screens use a pencil or marker to write in the corner the window where the screen belongs.


  • Do not use ammonia, alcohol or vinegar cleaners near rubber seals.
  • Don't clean windows on sunny days. (I think the problem is that they dry too fast and streak?)


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Wipe in different directions[]

Wipe in different directions on the inside and on the outside. Then if there are streaks or wipe marks you can tell which side of the window they were made.

Hire professionals[]

There are many good reasons to hire a professional company to care for your windows, including their experience, equipment and supplies. They use the latest techniques to give your windows a streak-free shine. Professionals can maintain your windows and help them last longer as well as spot any issues before they become big problems.