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Cleaning supplies

People use a wide variety of cleaning supplies to care for and clean their homes.

Some common supplies are
Some less common, but useful supplies are
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a variety of cleaning supplies in the store

Protective materials

Then there are the items that protect the things that aren't being cleaned.

General techniquesEdit


In many cases it's a good idea to test a particular cleaning technique or material on a small, less visible spot before using it more. For instance, you could test a cleaner on the back of a piece of furniture to make sure it doesn't remove the finish or change it in some way. Similarly, you can test a soap or cleaner on a piece of clothing on a part that won't be seen when it's worn, like the tail of a shirt that will be tucked in.


  • Do not mix bleach and ammonia together. They can form a dangerous gas.


See the categories for cleaning and cleaning tips.

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