learning chores early

Taking care of a home requires regular attention. Some maintenance activities are seasonal or only need to be done when something breaks. Other activities or chores are done more frequently.

A partial list of common chores:

Some people find the routine of chores simple and restful. Other people will dislike the same chores intensely. Which chores do you like most? Least?

If there are certain chores you cannot or prefer not to do, consider hiring someone or trading. Maybe your neighbor can mow your lawn as well as hers (enjoying being outside and using her new riding lawnmower) in return for you occasionally vacuuming the areas that cause the most trouble for her dust allergies? It used to be easy to find a neighborhood kid who wanted to earn some extra money for doing some chores, now, at least in the U.S., many kids have other activities and jobs after school, but there are adults willing to do these jobs -- handyman, contractor, etc.

Some chores can be fun when you do them together. Even small children can help with chores, given some initial guidance and careful selection of the chore. Or sometimes an adjustment to the home may help. For instance, even young children can help set the table, but it will be easier if the supplies, dishes, cups, etc., are placed where small people can easily reach them.


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