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box of assorted chocolates

Chocolate! Yum!

Good stuff, light, dark, milk, sweet, it's chocolate. Chocolate is used in food in many different ways. It is also used in scents.

It's a popular dessert, flavoring and gift. Chocolate candies or chocolates are a good last taste for a meal. Chocolate can also be added to other foods such as ice cream, cake or pastries. And a box of chocolates is a gift used in many situations: hostess gift, romantic date gift. Chocolate also has some less common uses, like in yard mulch.


Chocolate is generally safe for humans. The exceptions are people who are allergic to it and those who eat an unhealthy amount of the foods containing chocolate, which generally include other ingredients that are not good for us in high quantities. However, chocolate is toxic and may even be fatal to some pets, like cats and dogs.

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Self explaining addiction

Seriously. "Give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt".


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