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Cats are popular house pets. Although they are generally more independent than dogs, domesticated cats depend on their human caretakers for food, shelter, attention and affection.

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As with working dogs, originally even as pets, cats were expected to contribute to the home. They were expected to hunt for their own dinner and keep the level of pests such as mice down. There are many traditional beliefs about cats -- some that they are lucky, some unlucky.

Bath in the Catnip

a happy cat curled up in the catnip

A cat needs a safe house. You need a scratching post or other item that a cat will use to file its claws if you want your furniture safe. Cats are curious and lovely pets, so have some cat furniture and toys. Some cats are much more cuddly than others; some are very independent.

Cats are also popular subjects for cute pictures and funny videos on the Internet.

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on top of the scratching post



moving the cat?

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