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Carports - Structure Details[edit | edit source]

Carports, unlike a garage, are non-enclosed or semi-enclosed structures. They have as many uses as that of a garage and that is especially true when the carport is partly enclosed or coupled with a storage shed. People purchase a carport to protect their cars, RV’s, golf carts, and other vehicles in order to keep them top form and shape by protecting them from scorching sun, hailstorms, and snow. Custom-built carports can do more than just protecting the vehicles. For example, a carport can be used for doing yoga in the semi-open area, for barbecues and grill events, picnics, and even used as an outdoor studio to muster up your creativity.

Small sheds attached to a carport structure help a long way in storing regular use mowers, scissors, strollers, and other equipment in a convenient and safe place. Carports don’t have to be one-use only, and they can often substitute for more expensive structures that may not fit all of your needs.

Most of the carport manufacturers in America offer 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel made carports, that can be cut to any length desired. Most of them build a custom carport to any exact size specification; wind certification, and also snow load certification as the building permits for Carports and other metal structures differ[1] in different states of the USA. Most manufacturers are also offering custom options for the color of the roof, trim, gables, and side panels.

Carport Roof Styles[edit | edit source]

A carport usually has one of the three roof styles - Regular which is known as Good. Boxed-eave which is considered better and sturdier than a regular roof style car port, and finally the Vertical roof style which is considered as the best.[2] Roof panels that are oriented horizontally, while more cost effective than vertically oriented panels, they tend to hold water, snow,ice,leaves and other debris on the roof because the corrugated ridges are running end to end. Vertical panels always last longer because the shed the water,snow, and debris quickly and easily. Units longer than 36’should utilize the vertical roof.

Regular Roofing Style[edit | edit source]

Regular roofing style metal buildings is one of the cheapest option of sheltering. In this style of roofing the metal panel runs along the length of the structure and the edges are generally curved. This roofing style is best for places with mild weather condition with some wind.

Boxed eave roofing style[edit | edit source]

Boxed eave roofing style of roof are based in the A-frame design this design is sturdier and can withstand moderate weather condition. The metal panel is arranged in horizontal style in this type of metal building structure.

Vertical roof style[edit | edit source]

This is the most sturdy roofing style available for metal sheeting. In this style the metal panel are lined vertically on the roof (lined along the width). Best for extreme weather condition with some storms.

Side panels[edit | edit source]

Side panels can be added to a carport to create a single wall for pegboards or shelving.[3]

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