Carbon footprint - what can we do to reduce?

Carbon footprint is how much we do in a day that may contribute to carbon emission.

Our day-to-day basis of life are surrounded by use of technology that help get us through the day. Many of which use gas and electricity. It could be doing the laundry, making dinner, using public transport or even buying grocery, a lot of our lives are carbon-based.

Our lives pivots around the use of everyday essentials, with many of what we do being massive contributor to carbon footprints, due to the fact that the energy needed to do all these things come from fossil fuels. When fossil fuel is burnt not only do they provide chemical energy that in turn becomes other sources of our everday use of energies, they produce carbon dioxide as well. This contributes to the greenhouse gases, which may lend to global warming.

Ways to cut down on carbon footprint would be to reduce, reuse, recycle.



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