Autumn in DC

Cars parked along the sides of a street - "Autumn in DC"

A car is a machine that transports you quickly around places.

Other terms: automobile, vehicle

In some homes, space for a car or automobile is a significant part of the overall space. Other homes have no "accommodation" for a car, or that space is totally separate (farm, separate parking garage, etc.)

In addition to a place to keep the car, it's helpful to have a place to keep things for the car, like extra oil, windshield wipers, ice scraper. You may also have things like a bike rack, camper carrier or other things that only stay in the car part of the time. Other items might include spare tires or snow tires.

And then it's good to have a place in your home to keep the related paperwork. Some of the paperwork to keep are records of the purchase and maintenance. Depending on where you live, you may need to keep records for property taxes and auto inspections. And drivers will need to have a driver's license. It is a good idea to keep a copy of your driver's license and paperwork on the car license plates. Some people also keep a copy of their driver's license in the glove compartment in case it is stole or lost. Then it's also good to have a copy of your registration and insurance in both the car and your home.


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